This page comprises all the October Wargames Association Competition and Tournament Honours.

Black Powder Friendly Ladder Winner: Runner-Up: 3rd Place
Mike Wright Stephen Crighton Ryan Green
2014 Mike Wright Stephen Crighton Ryan Green
2015 Christophe Finnegan Mike Wright Ryan Green
World War II League Champion: Runner-Up:  
as Operation Squad      
2012 Alex Hickman John Hollyoak  
2013 Mike Wright John Hollyoak  
as Bolt Action Escalation League      
 2014 Mike Wright Mark Hall Robert Vince 
 2015 Ashley Turner Martin Duffy Mike Wright
Bolt Action Escalation Offensive    
 2015 Mike Wright Mark Croft Simon pope
Board Game Tournament      
Pete Heatherington Lindsey Harrison  
Fire & Fury ACW Campaign Challenge (sponsored by M. Wright)    
Ryan Green Mike Wright  
Christophe Finnegan Mike Wright  
2015  Christophe Finnegan Mike Wright  
Warhammer 40k League Winner: Runner-Up: 3rd Place:
2011 - Autumn
Ben Evans Carl Hirons Mike Leach
2012 - Spring
Harry Allen Paul Haycock Daniel Moody
2012 - Autumn
Leon Smith Daniel Moody Ben Evans
2013 - Spring
Harry Allen Leon Smith Carl Hirons
2013 - Autumn
Ben Evans Daniel Moody Allen Lo
2014 - Spring Daniel Moody Gareth Donnelly Leon Smith
2014 - Autumn Daniel Moody Ben Bourbarino-Brooks Haida Kubba
Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol      
2015 Daniel Moody David West Mark Croft
2015 Leon Smith Aaron Clarke Steve Norman
Warhammer Kill Tournament      
2013 (Autumn)
Ben Babourina-Brooks Gareth Donnelly Daniel Moody
2014 Daniel Moody Victor Koh Paul Haycock
Warhammer Fantasy Battle      
2012 - Winter Alistair Wright Paul Haycock  
2013 - Summer Johannesburg Mohr Paul Haycock  
2013 - Winter Rich Starkey Johannesburg Mohr  
2014 - Summer Paul Haycock Andy Holmes  
W/Hordes Journeyman League      
David Miles    
David Miles    


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